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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my friend/family member has a fall or sprain and your orthopaedic surgeon is still to be seen ?

DO NOT massage on the part ! Try to avoid movement at a possibly fractured limb by applying to it anything available around to splint the limb . Keep the leg / arm elevated to avoid increase in swelling by using sling around the neck for arm and resting leg on two pillows.

What precautions should I take after Hip Replacement surgery?

Your new Hip joint will allow you to get back to your professional & private activities again apart from allowing you to restart your routine activities of daily living (ADLs) i.e. moving about in home and bathing & toilet activities with more ease than before. However certain precautions you need to take of your new joint to prevent the joint from loosening or even dislocating as the new hip is relatively unprotected until the muscles shield it against inadvertent and untoward movements.

What points are worth remembering after Hip Replacement surgery?

What precautions should I take during pregnancy?

Please don’t be alarmed by the number of diseases that can cause miscarriages or other prenatal complications…I felt it was important to be as comprehensive as possible. Most are very uncommon and/or easy to avoid with a few simple precautions. When you are pregnant part of your immune system weakens (perhaps to prevent your body from rejecting something “foreign” like a fetus?) and thus you can become more susceptible to diseases that normally wouldn’t make you sick. Additionally, some microbes (bacteria, viruses or parasites) can pass across the placental barrier, thus infecting the fetus.


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